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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Unstoppable Donna

Time past 

This year, in April, Donna wrote:

Woke up to a terrible blizzard, not a lot of snow but really blowing, it was the wind that actually woke us up.  Tomorrow is another story....sunny and a high of 9, so we are going skiing for the last time this year.
Colorado was just great.  We skied five mountains and it only stormed one day, the day we took off.  It was blue skies and temp around 0 or just above.  Skied seven days and were so tired by the the end of the day we were lucky to make dinner.  It really is beautiful country and the Rockies are plentiful and awesome.  The altitude (12,500+ feet) did bother most of us the first few days. 
We lucked in with our travel as well....dodging blizzards on the way down but easy trip home.


Now, Donna and Jack are BIKING in Australia:

So far Margaret River has been the only miss, a wine region and lovely countryside, but not very exciting.

We are back in Fremantle and fly North to Exmouth, Novatel Ningaloo and looking forward to experiencing Ningaloo Reef...which you can snorkel to from off the beach, how great is that,