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Monday, 27 October 2014


 I always enjoy hearing from my cousin, Marilyn, and I'm sure you will, too, especially since her email yesterday was about our Baba.  She also reminded me that Oct. 26 is Aunt Florence's birthday.

(I don't know the name of the baby Baba is holding.  Maybe it's my Aunt Florence who arrived 16 or 18 years after my mom.)

Marilyn's email . . . 

I was thinking of our Baba today remembering her Macaroni casserole that she made with macaroni, cottage cheese and tomatoes, topped with bread crumbs.  As a kid, I loved the look of the macaroni slices refried the next  morning served with a  sunny side up egg.  I remember the gooey cheesy casserole served hot with bubbling hot tomatoes for supper.  I was translating a Bulgarian recipe this morning that used macaroni, and cheddar cheese. Bill and I were talking about the use of cheddar when growing up. At the St John market Bill's father used to buy cheddar, so he grew up with cheddar and not cottage cheese.  I think the first time I  bought cheddar was in Winnipeg as a young mom!

I have yet to find Baba's recipe.  
 All Baba's casseroles and baking were done in a wood stove. Do you remember her white cookstove?


Great picture even though Marilyn found the pie too sweet!

Does anyone have Baba's recipe?  I'd love to try it.