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Monday, 13 October 2014

CRUISE: Day 1 - 2

Sat., Sept. 20, 2014

I open our stateroom in The Norwegian Jewel – pop!  It glows with exuberant colors, but the cots are pushed together to make a double bed, and the safe is locked.  I rush out to get acquainted with the cabin steward, Angelito, who promises to fix anything and everything. . .  “Call me Angel,” he says. 

Next up, the Garden Café on Deck 12 where we snagged an outdoor table and a fabulous view of the harbour and the Lions.  Good food, too, especially the sauerkraut.
The Library: Picked up a couple of books, but I also brought a lot of books with me.  Jane Austen fans alert:  you would enjoy Maria Edgeworth’s book, HELEN.  

Dinner in the Azura Dining Room:  the grilled shrimp were fabulous!

Showtime Theatre:  Over-the-top jewel colors look great here.   The captain was very hammy, but the dancers, singers, and comedian held up their end.

Diana and I ended up the evening watching really appalling Karaoke in the Fizz Lounge.

In bed at 11:30.  Thinking:  “There’s a noise in our walls.  What is it!?

Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014
2:30 a.m.  Scratch, scratch, click.  The noise in the closet now.  Thinking I should get up, flick on the lights, and nail it.  Suddenly, Diana gets up.  There’s lots of light from the bathroom but the scratching continues.  Hmm.  I eye the tiny bar fridge with the overpriced drinks I won’t ever use.  I should unplug it, but I don’t.
4:30 a.m. Thinking might as well get up.
5:30 a.m. Orange herbal tea in the Garden café.  Staff bustling about.  An odd insomniac or two about.  Instant connections.
8:00 a.m.      Angel:   Good morning, Miss Eleanor.
                        Me:  No, no.  You’ve got to fix my fridge.  I couldn’t sleep a wink last night.
                        Angel (shocked):  No sleep!
Inside the cabin: Scratch, scratch, Click, click.
                        Me:  See!
                        Angel (big smile):  Ahhh!  Ang- er!  In closet.
                        Me (puzzled):  Oh no, I’m not angry . . .  well, not really. 
Angel flings open the closet and pushes empty hangers away from its wall.
                        Angel:  Angers, Miss Eleanor.  Bang, bang.
He closes the closet and holds up a hand.
                        Angel:  Listen.  . . . See?

Silence.  Perfect, peaceful, silence.