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Friday, 24 October 2014

Port of San Pedro and Los Angeles

Thursday, Sept 25

Why take a bus tour of Los Angeles when our ship docked right beside the USS Iowa, a World War II warship?!?

The ship is huge and awesome, and you can take your time going through it. 

 The large, handsome captain’s quarters alone make the tour worthwhile especially since the suite contains Franklin D. Roosevelt’s large bathtub.  Sadly, I was a-snooze   when it came to taking pictures.

I was also very impressed with the thickness of the walls protecting the navigation bridge.
                                        Galley for Crew

                                        Mess Hall for Crew

Med center for injured crew

The Iowa was updated to carry missiles for the Persian Gulf war.

Now I want to watch some warship movies.  Nine 16 inch guns blasting smoke and fire, anti-aircraft tracers streaking, and enemy planes exploding; very exciting!

The plan is to open the ship up overnight guests!  Can you imagine a dinner in the officers' mess?

There’s also a World War II merchant ship here in San Pedro for us, if we ever come back.  In grade 8, I loved Nicholas Monserrat’s book about corvettes and merchant ships:  The Cruel Sea.  Might have to read that again!