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Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Sunday, Sept. 28

Los Cabos was damaged so badly by a hurricane 2 weeks ago that it was taken off our itinerary.  Instead we docked in Mazatlan.

A shuttle took us to the port gate, and we walked for about 20 minutes through a nice residential area 

                                            to get to the city ‘centro’.

In the cathedral, I asked for permission to take a picture 
of this little girl because she reminded me of the girls in First Communion dresses in the 1970s.

Nestor said the Mercado has improved a lot in how the meat and fish are presented since he was last there about 10 years ago.

                                       trimming cactus leaves for nopales

There are restaurants on the second floor of the Mercado: 

Diana even bought a dress at the Mercado.

There's an upscale bakery/restaurant near the cathedral.  When I was checking out all the many choices, 

another shopper pointed out one item which she said was very good and only found in Mexico.  

So, naturally, I ordered coffee and the
Helado de Guayaba:  Delicious!

I enjoyed Mazatlan.  Shopping was fun.  The vendors kept assuring us everything was “just about free”! 

Diana got right into the bargaining and also bought a couple of nice necklaces!