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Friday, 2 May 2014

Cousin Verna

Today I am remembering my cousin, Verna, who passed away on April 30.  Whenever I think of Verna, I am immediately back on the farm in Manitoba.  A car has driven into the yard and it’s wonderful to see the bright, sunny smiles of everyone who climbs out.  There’s Verna who is good friends with my mom, there’s Verna’s jolly husband, Steve, and, hurrah . . .  I see Mike and Fred who are just a bit younger than me!

From Verna’s obituary:
Verna was born in Seech, Manitoba, to Paul and Mary Stadnyk. The family homesteaded in the Grandview area, where, at the age of 15, Verna married Steve Melnyk on Nov.21,1942.  In the spring of 1943 they built their first log home.  
I saw Verna and Steve's wedding picture once and have never forgotten it – Verna was such an incredibly young, sweet, and beautiful bride.     

From the obituary: 
Verna was proud of her Ukrainian heritage, which she carried on to her passing day. She was famous for her Ukrainian Christmas suppers which consisted of 12 meatless dishes, and her Easter basket which she took to church and had blessed. 
After Verna and Steve retired, Bryan and I had a lovely visit with them in Brandon.  The meal we were served was unforgettable!

Rest in peace, Cousin.  You will be missed and long-remembered.