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Saturday, 18 October 2014


Oct. 2:  PUERTO CHIAPAS : surprisingly flat after Huatulco's hills.

The crew shot out a line but missed the dock twice so the guys down there had to do some running.

 Puerto Chiapas is a new port and there's nothing to see, so we were going to take a taxi to the Izapa Maya site nearby but were surprised to find there would be a long wait for one so we just took a shuttle into the nearby city, Tapachula. 
A surprising number of streets had been torn up for repaving.

We were dropped off at the main square.
The Palacio is being restored, but the pretty senoritas posted in front of it are very happy to pose for a picture.

We strolled along several of the shopping streets.  Bryan was looking for a hat but couldn't find anything.  
In fact, most guys in Tapachula don't wear hats, and if they do, they favor the cowboy style.
I was surprised to see nuns in the jewelry store, but where else would they find rosaries?

It was very hot out and we could have tried one of the Mexican juices, but there was nowhere to sit so
 before long, we stopped for cerveza (beer) and
yummy tacos with meat and queso (cheese) at an open air restaurant where we were entertained by  
wandering musicians who cart this instrument from one place to another. 

Back at the main square,
Diana and I found another open air restaurant:
The musicians moved from one end to the other of this restaurant right by the main square.  Very enjoyable with an iced coffee.

Back at the port, I went shopping and found this lady who does beautiful embroidered work. 
It took her 3 months to finish one bedspread.

Good-bye, colorful Mexico!

Sat., Oct. 4:  PUNTARENAS

Wonderful looooooooong beach:  the waves crash in and try to slurp you out:  we waded on and on. 

The guys both bought hats, Diana got two great necklaces, and I found a perfect soft leather wallet.