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Sunday, 19 October 2014

HUATULCO, Mexico and one Australian

Tuesday, Sept. 30:  Sea Day:  

By 7:30 a.m. I had established myself at an aft outdoor table on Deck 12.

 11:15 a.m.  A white-haired Australian chap challenged me.  “You’ve been at that thing [computer] all morning.”
“I went for a walk,” I objected.
“You did?  Anyway, what are you doing?”
“Well, fine.  What are you writing?” His tone was very sharp.
“A blog.”
“What’s a blog?” he asked, plunking himself down in the empty chair next to mine.

I explained a little and he said, “So you go blah, blah, blah about yourself.  Who wants to read that?”

A little piqued, I said, “Some people.”
“How many?  Where are these people?”
“All over the world,” I said.  “Some English, some Russians--”
“Russians?” he interrupted.  “It’s the KGB.  That’s who.”
“No.  There’s even some Australians,” I said.
“Australians!  Not me!”
“No,” I said, “but now you will.”

Bryan joined in with, “Do you travel in this hemisphere very often?”
“No!” responded our chippy fellow traveler.  “I don’t like Americans.  They tried to kill me.  Several times.”
“How?” I asked. 
“They have big mouths.  In the jungle you need a small mouth.”   (pause)  “Vietnam,” he added.   
His friend came over.    “I thought they threw you overboard,” he remarked.
Mr. Curiosity wanted me to explain blogs to the new guy.
You can do that now,” I said.   


Wed., Oct. 1:  HUATULCO

8 A.M.  Rain pouring down as we back up towards the dock.   Jungle-covered hills on 3 sides.  

Small resorts isolated in bays far from the little main town of Santa Cruz.

10:30:  Heavy rain continues.   The water-based tours were cancelled, but I saw a lot of passengers heading out somewhere – sightseeing???  I don’t envy them.

2:00 p.m.  Light sprinkles.  Bryan and I explored the town – not much to see but there’s a nice plaza that would work for parents wanting to let little ones run around.

Bryan tested the golden sand beach and the water – lovely and warm, he said. 

I saw a black hummingbird with an indigo breast and a long red bill.

In one of the shops, we were looking at a beautiful gold pendant when up popped the Aussie again!  “She can afford it,” he informed the salesman! 

          “How much do you think it is?” I asked him and he made me laugh by coming up with a ridiculously low price.