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Monday, 7 January 2013

MARY STADNYK: January 7, 1984

                                                            Christmas, 1982

Jan 7, 1984:   Mom wrote:

I been listening to carols on radio.  It seemed like I was at my Dads.  I still will listen more when I finish the letter. 
I don’t want to knit or embroider so it will be a long day.  There is church in Rossburn but I didn’t think to ask Matt to go till it was too late.  Matt went to George’s with Douglas. 
The carolers likely be here after dinner.  We get two groups Orthodox and Catholic.

Jan. 8, 1984
 It’s much colder today. 
I opened those nut candies yesterday and they bothered my dentures; got under them.  I guess it's the coconut.  The kids liked them.   Matt, Shirley, and boys were for supper and they stayed till 10 o’clock. 
I did everything wrong this Christmas.  I salted too much the holoptsy and egg noodles were overcooked and the broth was not fat enough.

                                   That was Mom's first Ukrainian Christmas without Dad.