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Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Nicole noticed a recipe for Chestnut Soup in Diana and Paul von Welanetz’s
The Pleasure of Your Company.

Then she spotted chestnuts at the Granville Market.
Diana and Paul von Welanetz suggest you make their Chestnut Soup
“several months ahead” .

They weren’t kidding.

When we searched for hints on how to shell chestnuts, a blogger informed us that it took a year out of his life.

So we got to work.  James and Nicole made crosses in the flat sides of each chestnut.  I tossed them in oil and roasted them for 20 minutes.

Then James and Nicole worked as a team.

After James shelled the chestnuts,

Nicole carefully peeled the brown membranes.  

Boiling the shelled chestnuts before peeling the membranes is supposed to help. 

I thought it did . . .  sometimes.

Bryan came up with a new method –

 scoop them out.  Not elegant, but pretty effective!

Then Bryan made the soup and served it on New Year’s Eve.

Tasted good!

But you don’t really want the recipe . . .  do you?


Marilyn says:  For years I  wanted to do chestnut stuffing. My hunting found a package of

 prepared chestnuts which my Christmas Day chef did mix into his stuffing mixture.

 The chestnuts did not add to the flavour; Chestnut turkey stuffing is History here too!

It added too much sweetness to the stuffing.