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Saturday, 5 January 2013


 A cheese guy at Granville Market described Vosges au Kirsh as washed in saltwater and then steeped in Kirsch.  Pricey at $64.90 a kilo, but it sounds good . . . right?

The car was pretty rank by the time we got home.  I triple wrapped that cheese and stuck it in a plastic container.  Nevertheless, the “aroma” seeped into the fridge and the moment I took off the container lid the kitchen was permeated and, since it’s open to the living area, everyone on the chesterfield caught wind of what was coming.

It actually tastes okay, but not good enough to excuse its smell.  In fact, Bryan and I are the only ones eating it.  

It's probably not fair to include the skunk in this post.  Even though she and her brood strolled right under our car, they never let loose when Bryan released the brake and the car coasted gently away, leaving the potent little family behind.