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Sunday, 8 January 2017


"You must be Canadians," remarked other customers who have seen us sitting at an outside table at Sherman's every morning. 

We went to Sherman’s again for breakfast this morning: Cherry Cheesecake for me.  “You have a sweet tooth,” remarked our good-looking waiter who, I suspect, may also be an actor. 

Probably because it's Sunday every table inside was full and there was a line of people waiting. So the outside table next to us was occupied by a friendly young family.  Nestor recognized the dad as a professional boxer  and they chatted a bit about one of his fights.  When we were ready to leave, our waiter informed us that our bill had already been taken care of – by TIM BRADLEY!  Wow!


A couple of nights ago we went to the night fair in Palm Springs.  

Then, yesterday, we saw lots of interesting stuff at a local street fair in Palm Desert.

And, on the way home, this interesting creature.   The first time I saw black bees like this was in Laredo.