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Wednesday, 18 May 2016


In February of 1974, Bryan and I went to the Administration Centre of St. Ignatius Church in Winnipeg to see Father McGillvray. 

Underneath a sequined mouse on the door of the office was a cartoon of a wedding.  The caption read, “I now pronounce you man and equal.”

 Along one wall in the office stood a table covered with photographs – most of them being of weddings.  On another wall, a felt Snoopy announced that “Happiness is Sunday at 9:00.”  (That was the time for McGillvray’s very popular folk mass.)

Father McGillvray came in wearing an orange T-shirt decorated with a small black jaguar. 

Bryan got Father McG going on a discussion about the Flying Fathers.   Likely I was glazing over because it ended with Father McG remarking that I was probably thinking, “Why don’t they get down to the wedding?  That’s what we came for.”

One of the good father’s favourite words was “beautiful” which he stretched out into ‘buuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful.’

Which really summed up our day!


If you’re planning a beautiful day, you might want to start with a beautiful breakfast!  

SLOVAKIAN STYE EGGS  (to serve 4, but you easily can double the recipe)

            Thanks to Time-Life’s THE GOOD COOK:  EGGS & CHEESE

4 eggs
4 slices white bread
¾ cup milk
Salt & pepper

·        Start oven preheating to 350.
·        Butter a large baking sheet.
·        Toast the bread and set it on a wire rack to cool.
·        Separate the eggs.  (I put each yolk on a separate small dish.)
·        Whip the whites until stiff.
·        Stir ¼ tsp salt into the whites.
·        Pour milk into a 9x13 pan.  Soak the toast in the milk for one minute, then put the slices on the large, buttered baking sheet.
·        Spread the egg whites over the toast slices.
·        Make a depression in the center of each toast.  Slice an egg yolk into the depression.  Sprinkle the egg yolks with salt & pepper.
·        Bake for 13 to 15 minutes until the egg yolks are set and the whites are nicely browned.

·        Serve immediately with tomatoes or a bean salad on the side.