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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Visiting the state of WASHINGTON, Day 1

July 22:  First stop: Lynden, Washington : just minutes after we crossed the border at Aldergrove.

We took a nice little forest walk and then meandered through a couple of antique stores

before indulging in a ‘Second Breakfast’ at the Lynden Dutch Bakery

It was hard to choose:

but the Almond Tart was irresistible 

as was the fresh Raspberry Pie with its thick border of real whipped cream.

Next stop:  just off beautiful Chuckanut Drive:  Taylor Shellfish Farm on Samish Bay. 

We were shown how to shuck an oyster --- apparently every oyster comes to a point.  You drive the knife in there and then wiggle it to the side to cut through the hinge.  A bucket of Shigoku oysters (those are the lovely small ones), a lemon, a picnic table, an ocean backdrop . . .  bliss. 

Then:   our hotel in Seattle:  the Travelodge by the Space Needle: perfect location:   J
First Seattle fueling stop : an outdoor table in front of The Ace Hotel.  A glass of wine, the Sweet Potato Quesadilla . . . a big thumbs up for Ace’s Happy Hour!

Then, down to the The Edgewater where we snagged a window table in the lounge and felt like we were on a cruise ship!!!  A jellyfish floated by, seagulls dove for popcorn tossed down from one of the balconies (maybe the one the Beatles fished from???), a container ship put out to sea, the Asparagus Tempura smoked, and the cocktails delighted. 

And, to top it all off, look what we found at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport:

Finder's Keepers!