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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

From Golden

Diana got a nice new haircut for the trip!

Stopped in Hope at McDonald’s.  Why do towering green mountains look better once I have my hands wrapped around a coffee?

Hot and sunny but hazy in Kamloops.

Diana and I spent a lot of time going through old newspaper clippings that I never got around to filing into my binders.  I have lots of binders organized by recipe ingredient.  That way, if I have sour cream, for instance, left over from one recipe, I can quickly find another recipe to use it up.

Did you know that basil plants repel mosquitoes?  Another of my clippings gave me a recipe for non-toxic Mosquito Repellent that’s safe for using with children.  J

The haze got really bad when we reached Golden.  Besides the forest fires near Kelowna, there’s smoke drifting down from the Northwest Territories.

The Island Restaurant in Golden is nicely located beside a rushing milky-green river and offers an interesting Mexican Madness menu, but, sadly, the food was disappointing.

Next time, maybe, a patio table at the Greek Restaurant?  

And if you’re ever traveling on a tight budget, Mary’s Motel in Golden is okay.  The beds are clean – none of those little biters I’ve met in nicer looking rooms. 

P. S.  On our way home, we stopped again at Golden and went to the Greek Restaurant.  It was okay.  

Next time, the Bistro in town!