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Monday, 11 August 2014

30 years ago . . . MARY STADNYK

Aug 11, 1982 
I am very sick with the flu since Sat.  I hope I get over it by Sat to go to the wedding.

I bought you twin sizes sheets.  I may send them if I get to it.  Diana told me that you may go to the wedding so I thought I will give them to you.  I bought 2 sets as they were one for such price and 2 were little more.

I been doing raspberry fruit lately.  I have 14 quarts and Dad said he will pick more on Lornie’s as ours froze last winter.  They were winter killed as there was no snow on them but Lornie has lots and Mervin Presniak gave a gallon of strawberries so I did them and I still got Saskatoon from last year.  I will pick the beans today, there is not much of them but I will have enough. 

We had frost yesterday, the cucumbers got touched, there is no cucumber as yet, they got touched with frost in the spring too.   My cabbage is small and geese been at it too.  I have a lot of beets so will have to do borsch next week and do some beet pickles.  Dad wants them, I don’t like beet pickles.

That freezer jam is good on ice cream too.  Jelly I never made as we are not for jellies.

Diana told me that the baby was sick.  When you were small the doctor told me to give vitamins as soon as you start getting colds and it did help.
I won’t have my hair done for the wedding as the hairdresser going away to a funeral that day.  So I will wash it and it will be all right as it’s short yet.

Matt is going to town this afternoon so I will get him to mail the letters.

Tracey is going to the wedding with us.  

George is going with all his family.  

Dad says we may not go to Nestor’s this fall as the geese are too much trouble.  But I am still hoping.  We sure not going to keep no more geese, like the ducks gave me too much trouble last year so this year the geese.  I don’t want nothing any more but Dad says we will get few chickens yet. 

I will close for now, may write more next time. 

We all loved Mom’s jars of raspberry preserves.  I’m talking about canned fruit --- not jam.   I’ve never made raspberry preserves, but I think this is Mom's recipe:

4 cups raspberries
2 cups sugar
1 ½ cups water

Boil for 20 minutes.  Fill one sterilized quart sealer.  Seal and store.


Here are Mom’s recipes for Raspberry and Strawberry Jam: