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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Daniela, Serge, & Andrew

 Daniela welcomed us to Calgary with Brazilian Cake! 

 (It's very nice,  like a dense flan.)  She also gave us a tour of the new home which Serge is remodeling. She showed us the ‘before’ pictures and they were UGLY, but, in just 6 months what Serge has accomplished is amazing!

(I wish you could see some pictures of all this, but, sadly, I left my tablet behind in Calgary L  The upside, however, is that we’ll return home now via Calgary and get to see Daniela, Serge, and Andre again.)

Andrew entertained us by hauling one toy after another out of the garage and racing full tilt with them into a tree.  He fuelled up by raiding Daniela’s potted strawberries that were just beginning to turn red, but he didn’t stop there.  He popped in green ones, too, declaring, “Yum!”

“Yum!” I echoed as Serge grilled thick, juicy steaks and Daniela laid out a feast of perogies with mushroom sauce, yellow beans, and Greek salad.
We were sent off with treasures from Ukraine:  chocolate bars for each of us and a gorgeous little embroidered shirt for Kepler.

Serge, Daniela, and Andrew just visited Ukraine earlier this year.  They enjoyed their trip immensely even though there was an air of tension in Kiev.  “People just aren’t smiling like they used to,” Daniela said.