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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Remembering George

George is gone from this world but not from our hearts and memories.

Here’s one of Stuart's favorite memories:

Myself, Steve, Lorne, and Clayton were in the house driving everyone nuts. I was 8 so Steve and Lorne were about 10. George gave us a .22 rifle, a handful of moldy bullets, an axe and a shovel and told us to get lost. Well, hell, we were happier than a pig in mud. 

We scraped the bullets clean, loaded one shot at a time, had to pull the trigger 5 times to get a bang and repeated, we chopped down a couple trees, dug some holes and did not come back until dinner time. It was great. It was freedom. No adults were around so we knew we could not be stupid...and we were not stupid. These two events shaped my outlook on life and on raising kids. Such small events had such huge impacts on me. I firmly believe kids should be set free. Take a chance and let them explore. Again, thank you George. You are still alive in me and I will pass those gifts to my have many lives left in this world to live.  
                  You were your own man and that is something few can say.

                                         Nobody could say it better than that, Stuart.  

                                                 Steven, Anastasia, Stuart

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