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Sunday, 16 March 2014

One Day in CHARLESTON . . .

Sunny, but windy and cool.  Bryan went off to tour Fort Sumter while Nicole and I took Kepler to a wonderful Children’s Museum.  Families living in Charleston can become members and enrol their children in different classes like French, Spanish, and dancing!

                                       The Art Room

The Castle 

The Water Room:  Dip a brush in water and draw on the Blackboard.

The Interesting Gadgets Room

The Shopping Room

The Toddler’s Room

For lunch we went to the Xiao Bao Biscuit Restaurant in a converted gas station.  

The food is a blend of spicy Asian and Southern cuisine and it was amazing.

Afterwards, Nicole, Kepler, and I went shopping.  Charleston has a lot of antique stores.  I wish I’d taken a picture of a silver marrow spoon – it’s a long, thin implement with a deep groove running along half of it.

Bryan joined us for cocktails at the Charleston Place Hotel.  I had a creamy concoction called The Clydesdale .  Kepler enjoyed roaming the huge, shining marble lobby.

This hotel interested me because the taxi driver who drove us from the airport told us that he is working at two jobs in order to take his wife there for the honeymoon they never had over 20 years ago!  It is, indeed, very grand, and the rooms range between $280 to $535 a night.

I’ve long appreciated grand hotels as a place for letting children run about.  Winters are very cold and long in Saskatchewan, and the girls loved the nooks and crannies and the long ramps of the Saskatoon Inn.