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Saturday, 15 March 2014


Our daughter offered to drive us to the airport so, on Friday night, I decided to make her something she really likes -- the Cheese Fries from THE BURGER MEISTERS cookbook.  I served them with Cilantro-Cumin Burgers.   

(THE BURGER MEISTERS by Marcel Desaulniers is available for a penny online, and is another cookbook I'm more or less cooking my way through.)
Then, on Saturday, March 8, our daughter drove through steady rain to drop us off at the airport. 

Diana made some delicious Peanut Butter Raisin Muffins for us to take along.


After getting through Check-In, Security, and U.S. Customs, we were looking at a couple of hours before Boarding, so we settled in . . .

I like Roll-up-the-Rim Month!   

I was a bit apprehensive about not making our connections as there was only an hour between planes.  A delay at the Los Angeles airport actually did have us hustling to get to our next gate.

Meanwhile, Kepler was having fun at the Dallas airport.

We all made it to the Ansonborough Inn on Hasell Street which has a suite on two levels – perfect!

Complimentary breakfasts include cereal, yogurt, fruit, bagels, sweet buns, hardboiled eggs and a hot dish.  For our first breakfast, this was tiny hamburgers. 
The hotel Hospitality Room offers cookies and coffee all day long.

There was also a Happy Hour daily with wine and cheese.  We liked to take this up to the rooftop terrace where Kepler could run around.