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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my incomparable GRANDSON!

KEPLER’s FIRST YEAR  . . .   10 of my favorite pictures 

                                         Okay, make it eleven!


Last August, I posted the recipe for the cake I made for Nicole’s first birthday which we celebrated with friends at our cottage.

Instead of icing (or in addition to), I like:

*Sift together ¼ cup cocoa and ¼ cup sugar.
*Beat 1 cup whipping cream until almost stiff.
*Add ¼ tsp vanilla to the whipping cream.
*Gradually beat the cocoa & sugar into the whipping cream until it holds its shape.
I’m sure someday I’ll get a chance to make this cake for Kepler. 

Or maybe, he'll make it for me . . .

 in the new kitchen his auntie gave him!