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Friday, 7 March 2014

EASY COOKIN’ . . . Baked Pork Chops


·        Maple-Bourbon Pork Chops (marinated by the butcher)

·        Bohdan Zahny’s Tovchanka (Mashed Kidney Beans, Poppyseeds, and Potatoes) – An odd combination that looked and tasted . . . strange.

·        Asparagus tossed with Parmesan 

How often do you find a recipe that makes life simpler?

Fried pork chops are delicious, but take a fair bit of attention.  I was surprised, and so pleased, the first time I baked them in the oven. 
If the pork chops are marinated, you just cover them, stick them in at 350F, and bake them for 15 minutes.  Then, uncover, and turn them.  Bake uncovered for 25 more minutes.  Perfect!

        If the pork chops aren’t marinated, drizzle them with ¼ cup white wine, stock, or water and sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Then cover them, and proceed as above.   

Of course, you’ve already cooked your potatoes and another side dish. So, when you put the pork chops in the oven, you also put the potatoes into the oven to reheat.  Now, you’re able to sit down with guests and enjoy a pre-dinner drink and chat.  Ahhh!

Oh, but remember to put your other vegetable side dish into the oven to reheat about 20  minutes before serving time.  J

Here’s another look at Bohdan Zahny’s bean and potato dish.


We’re off next to Charleston.  We have a long flight ahead, but I’m armed.  A book I reserved just came in for me at the library.