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Thursday, 30 January 2014

A LEGACY of LETTERS (cont'd) . . . and the BEST FISH ever!

Jan 31st 1983
I got most welcome letter on Sat, I thank you so much as I didn’t expect it as you are busy now.

You wrote that you may build a house, first see how much the lots will cost as some say they are more than a house.

I got a letter and a parcel from Stasia on Sat too. 
 I sent today to Ukraine the shawls you brought at Christmas. 
It’s a big difference sending it in big envelopes than in a box, it cost me less for the two parcels than I paid in April for one.  I even wrote them that I am not sending no more, they be surprised when they get it.
I have finished three cushions to embroider and that runner I bought when I was at your place.  But still got to do three more and that picture Karen gave.  I hope it’s not complicated but it’s wool thread so I think it is crewel embroidery, so are the cushions I bought.  I embroider that in the evenings and try to do Ukrainian cross stitch in day time.  I still knit sometimes, I have always started ones to do when I can’t embroider.

We planning to paint the house in and outside this year.  I will have to wash the inside, will likely start when days get longer.

Dad is not well, the head seems to ache all the time, even the pills don’t help, tonight he’s warming it with hot water bottle.  And his stomach always bloats up so he had to go to get his medicine.

Donald been fishing a lot lately, the fish been catching good, he gave us a lot, I forget the name but they always small.  Oh perch. 

                            Diana will be coming back on Sunday.

Oh the cousins want black or wine velveteen, I can’t get here, you see if there is any or phone fabric places, just see if there is any, don’t buy, when I be down I will get it if there is any as Mrs. Feuillatre couldn’t get any in Winnipeg.

God bless you all.
Aline’s mother, Mrs. Feuillatre, with grandson, Nick


I remember Mom and Dad at the stove and fish, dredged in well-seasoned flour . . . then served, beautifully brown and still sizzling, straight out of the frying pan and into a plate held up by each of us kids in turn . . .   .   
Sprinkled it with vinegar . . . and, soon as it was gone, you lined up for another piece!


The house lot we found backed onto a park :)


P.S. Today, we marinated halibut for only one hour in a lime juice,  oil, and hot pepper mixture
and then grilled it for 5 minutes on each side until it Pwas barely done. 
Result:  not impressive.  A tough, dry exterior with no notable BBQ flavour.   Next time should be Mom & Dad’s way!

P.S.  About the photo of our relatives in Ukraine, Vern is in the back row.  It was his 2nd trip to Ukraine.
Oksana says it was taken about 20 years ago.  " I was 15 on this picture...Serg is standing behind all on the left. My younger brother Petryk in red pants is in the center on front of me."