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Friday, 27 December 2013

Time to Slow Down!

Quick Review of the last 3 Days: 

Christmas Eve: 
Salad with Seared salmon fillets

Mussels Indonesian with Polish White Bread

And we were too full to even try a tiny slice of
 the Lucy Waverman Lemon Tart!


Christmas Dinner:
                                     Indian Stuffed Mushrooms

                Danish Mustard Pickles (not as good as Mom’s L)

                Crown Roast of Pork

                        With Cumberland Sauce

                Bulgarian Sheep’s Milk Cheese and Potato Perogies
                Cabbage Rolls
                Leafy Salad

And, once again, not enough room for dessert.  Sigh!

 So only Turkish Delights and brandy with our Monopoly Game.


Boxing Day:

        Afternoon Tea:  Finally had a BIG slice of the Lucy Waverman Lemon Tart and it was delicious! 

Dinner at Diana’s:

        Caramelized Onion Dip & chips
        Mushroom Quiche and Vegetable Salad
        Brandy Bread Pudding!  J


The plan for tonight:  Dig into the fridge for some more of those Cabbage Rolls and the Crown Roast of Pork.  I’m just going to gussy it up this time with a Creamy Carrot Sauce!

       The hot Carrot Sauce worked well with the cold pork roast J
P.S.  Crystal, in Manitoba, says:    "Alberta clipper coming through here tonight, calling for lows in the high -40's with the wind chill. supposed to stay that way for the next several day......... blah"