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Saturday, 28 December 2013


Ever since email really got going, we don’t get many Christmas cards, and I expect even fewer now that the cost of sending a letter will be going up to a dollar in the new year.  So we treasure the ones we do get.

This funny one’s from Daniela, Serg, and Andrew, and there was a lovely long, newsy letter included!

 Andrew started walking, all by himself, at 8 months J

Andrew’s Baptism in Dauphin

 A trip to Victoria and Vancouver
Daniela said, “I went to Capilano Suspended Bridge . . . the scariest thing I’ve ever done was to cross that bridge . . . never again!!!! Now I look back at the pictures . . . it did have a good dosage of fun.”  J

  Best Wishes from all of us to this wonderful family!

Once Christmas is over, do you ever feel like you should immediately planning for next Christmas so that you won’t feel so rushed again?

Well, here’s a suggestion for a delicious vegetarian menu for a company lunch – serve a salad with Italian manicotti!  It’s no more work than nalisniki. J

I could not manage without a good vegetable cookbook and The Victory Garden Cookbook  by Marian Morash is my ‘go-to’ book.  Most recently, I made her “Marie’s Manicotti” and it got a rating from us of “SUPERB”!

First, make the Marinara Sauce.

Next, the crêpes.

Distribute the ricotta filling.

Fold them up.

Cover with Marinara Sauce and cheeses and bake.

Used copies of The Victory Garden Cookbook are available from Amazon for $18.oo and new for $36.80.