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Friday, 27 December 2013

Kepler Goes Cruising

December 15 – 22 :  Cruisin' Rules!  

Smile, Grandpa!

Dressing up for dinner!

Each night, Lestor, the cabin guy, turned down the beds, folded the towels, and left us chocolates.

   Check out the big bath tub!
Where’s the deep end?
Dang!  Something's in the way.

Wear the shades!  (Mahogany Beach on Isla Roatan)

Diggin’ this!  

Beach pub: Margaritas and American food???  That's it?

May as well stick to the food on board.

Duck appetizer J

“Sweet time!” as  our head-waiter, Budi-Budi, loved to say.

I had lots of fun!

And presents!  Granny sang carols from these neat little books my Great-Aunt Diana gave me.

I also got a whale from my aunt that spouted handkerchiefs.  J

 Cruisin’?  It’s not just for the old folks!