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Friday, 6 December 2013

MARY STADNYK’S HOLUBTSI, part II . . . and my cousin Jimmy Zee

A friend has asked:   But where can I buy a soured head of cabbage as per the photo in your blog?

Also, my cousin Marilyn says:  "Wonder why that recipe is so similar to mine? I don't add the spices to the rice, but certainly a very nice touch! You forgot to mention how pricey the sour head is!!"
You’re absolutely right, Marilyn, and there never used to be Soured Heads in the stores anyway.  So, of course, Mom had her own way of

 Preparing a fresh cabbage head:

1.     Take out the core of the cabbage.
2.    In a big pot, boil about 2 inches of water with ¾ tsp salt.  Add ½ cup vinegar.  Put the cabbage head up side down in the big pot.  Pour boiling water into the cored end of the cabbage until the pot is about one-half to two-thirds full.  Cover the pot.
3.   Put on lowest heat.  Cook one-half hour.  Then turn cabbage over and cook another half hour.

Now follow the recipe in Part I for preparing the filling and the cabbage rolls:

**When you are adding the tomato soup, however, you now add ½ cup vinegar as well and sprinkle the top with ½ tsp salt.


And today, I’m wishing my cousin Jimmy a very happy birthday! 

Jimmy didn't get to be in the picture with his cousins and two sisters and brother at this family get-together because he was just a babe in arms then.

 But he's definitely in the picture now!
 Jimmy's a singer, song-writer, and entrepreneur!
Here, he is, entertaining the family, with our cousin Oksana from Ukraine,
at a party in Gilbert Plains.

 Rock on, Jimmy!