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Tuesday, 26 March 2013


March 23 – March 26 :  some of the highlights: 

Kepler’s first hotel:  El Tropicano in San Antonio

 Riverwalk Excusion

 Nicole spotted the lizard; I was delighted.

 Happy Hour at Lüke’s:  oysters 50 cents each!!!! I had a dozen myself J  

We waited 45 minutes for an outdoor table on the Riverwalk:  
but it was a magical evening.

The next day, we drove to Austin.

Lunch at Lucy's Fried Chicken on College Ave.  Loved the food and the clientele.  One was an old, old woman sporting a Mohawk dyed red.

  Happy Hour: the cool waiter greeted us with, “Beautiful baby.  But it was time to get out of the house.”

 I loved how the old sewing machines were made into tables.

The next day:

At the Sway for an unusual and utterly delicious lunch .

After that, it’s Kepler’s turn, al fresco, in the park.

Turtles, the size of dinner plates, sunning themselves above the lake in the park.  

 Outstanding dinner at the Parkside Restaurant: 
 here grilled sweetbreads and  raw bass with avocado followed later by kale salad and marrow bones!
For dessert:  I totally recommend their Garam Masala Doughnuts with Date Ice Cream:  fantastic!

Breakfast!  A peanut butter and grape jelly doughnut . . . or    
A chocolate, coconut, and cream one.

And then it was time to hit the road home to Laredo.

Kepler slept all the way.

It's good to be back.