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Sunday, 17 March 2013

IRELAND, Ballymaloe, and Mary Stadnyk's Letter, March 17, 1983

It seems like a long time since I wrote to you so thought I should write again.  I wrote to Diana yesterday, I finished her apron yesterday so thought I should send it so I wrote too.

            I got a letter from Florence yesterday, it was nice to hear from her, she writes nice letters.  I washed bedroom floors yesterday and today I am only writing.  I wrote to Florence, she wanted addresses to our cousins in Ukraine as she lost hers.

            Karen today cooking Irish Stew with all the rest church women, they will have St. Patrick supper tonight.   

I don’t go no place this last while as I got the incubator set.

            Since Monday my eyes haven’t been good, something filmed one eye and the other teared but they are much better today, only one still tears.  I must of caught a cold so I haven’t been doing any embroidery these days but there was a lot of other work to do. 


It was a long climb up the hill to this beautiful, lonely, ancient burial site in Ireland.

I’m using The Ballymaloe Cookbook by Myrtle Allen for tonight’s dinner. 
           (The Allens have a restaurant and hotel in Cork, Ireland.) 

Here’s Myrtle's Coleslaw:

 and her yummy LAMB CHOPS:


Kepler's having a quiet St. Patrick's Day.