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Saturday, 15 October 2016

More GOLDEN WEDDING . . . and . . . Perogies/VARENIKI with Meat Filling

Oct 15th 1981       (from Shoal Lake, 17 cent stamp)
        Dad is watching Baseball so I don’t have anything to do so wrote letters one to Ukarian and one to Marion’s mother* thanking her for the lovely picture.  So thought I would write to you dear as its your birthday soon.
I have found room for everything it may not be in right place but its away. 
Tomorrow we are going to Brandon to see your cousin Martha Fred’s daughter
she has not long to live and Verna told she’s very sick so we will go and see her being Karen is going anyways.

I want to Thank you both for such a nice time** and thank for bringing food it was a great help.  And you worked very hard here only little help.  And I was such a grouch I hope you for give me.
 I have rested up on Monday  Tuesday we went to a funeral stayed for dinner too. 
Today I sewed up the cushion was going to make the inside cushion but found out I need feather thicking so will get tomorrow
I picked over the tomatoes gave Matt ½ pail red tomatoes and will make tomatoe juice on Sat with the other half pail.  I don’t have much more green ones.
There is a lot of auction Sales  We may go Oct 26th to one at least I want to Dad says no but I may preswade him to go.
The men were hauling barley to town today and will tomorrow.

Karen took Tracey to get her tooth pulled as the new is through and the baby tooth did not want to came out. 
Next Monday we will kill the old hens and on Wed the ducks with the geese will have to wait as they are not ready.  Matt is going to start killing his geese but he will use the plucker as he will not save the feathers but I want feathers so we will do it by hand.
I have Dutch Irises I was going to give them to Diana but I forgot now I will have to send them.  Oh yes you forgot nail sissiers do you want me to send.
I will Close for now thanking you again for every thing expecialy for the dress and hat I will have to get you something nice.
May your day be happy and cheerfull. 
Give the baby a big hug from me
The happiest of birthday             Love Mother


P.S. "Marion's mother" :  Marion Bantrock married Mom's brother, Wes.  


P. P. S.   nice time**:  This was Mom & Dad's Golden Wedding Anniversary!

A lot of relatives from Dad's side at this table.  Note the little lady in the black hat.  I think that's Tsyotsye.   The lady in glasses on the left is Teenie Showdra.  At the end of the table Bill Stadnyk and his wife are beside Lorne and Lisa.   Gerald Leschyshyn's wife, Val, is wearing large glasses on the right. 
Uncle Wes and Aunt Marion (in pink) are on the right.  

Aunt Florence's son, David, is in left corner.  Diana is dancing with Stuart.

Jim Z is dancing with Aunt Florence, Uncle Mike Makar is dancing with Aunt Katie, Naomi is dancing with Steven, Aunt Nellie is dancing with ? ********

P. S. -- The onion should weigh about 8 ounces.
            -- Add 2 tsp oil or lard when frying the bacon pieces if the bacon is very lean.

            -- I made a few perogies and found the filling was very bumpy and apt to push through the dough.

So I ground the filling in the food processor to make it smoother.  It still had a lot of texture. 

If you're going to freeze some, boil them for only 3 minutes.  

The ones you're going to serve right away should be boiled 4 to 5 minutes.  

They were great!

There is enough filling for one batch of Mom’s dough.  For: Pyrohy main recipe