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Wednesday, 12 October 2016


October 14, 1931:  wedding of Nick Stadnyk and Mary Leschyshyn

I found a paragraph about Mom and Dad's wedding in FIFTY YEARS YOUNG by Marion S. Turetski. 

The book says that The Holy Ghost Ukrainian Greek-Orthodox parish in Petlura, Manitoba was founded in 1931, and

 “The first wedding performed in the newly-formed parish occurred six months after its incorporation.  Nick Stadnyk and Mary Leschyshyn exchanged wedding vows at the sacrament of matrimony by Father D. Leschyshyn at the home of Marianko and Annie Bantrock on October 10, 1931.” (page 11).
The correct date is October 14, 1931.  I think the error  stems from the date chosen for Mom and Dad’s Golden Wedding Anniversary. 

October 10, 1981:  Golden Wedding Anniversary

For the newspaper:


Mary & Nick with their 7 children:

(L to R) Diana, Eleanor, Nestor, Donald, George, Anastasia, Matthew

Matt's family

Anastasia's family

George's family

Donald's family

Eleanor's family

the Gang

 The Ceremony:  


THE BRIDESMAID:  Mom's sister, Nellie

THE DINNER:  Look for another blog later on :)


The DANCE:   also in my next blog :)

The RECIPE:  Mom wrote this out for me when she and I were planning a banquet.