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Thursday, 15 August 2013

ZOMBIES in UKRAINE. . . !!!!

            So I’m reading WORLD WAR Z: an ORAL HISTORY of the ZOMBIE WAR by Max Brooks and there it is – Kiev is being overrun and 

                               across the Dnieper,

                         Pecherska Lavra, the monastery, is going up in flames! 

“With its high walls, its strategic location, we could have made a stand.”
“Any first-year cadet could have turned it into an impregnable fortress

 . . . sealed the gates, and mounted snipers in the towers.”

The last thing, the soldier says he saw as he retreated was “Rodina Mat (Motherland).  She was the tallest building in the city, a more than sixty-meter masterpiece of pure stainless steel . . . her shield and sword held high in everlasting triumph, her cold, bright eyes looking down at us as we ran."