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Wednesday, 5 September 2012


My sister says that she still misses living in the country, and that she enjoys berry picking because it is one way for her to connect with nature.

Anastasia’s friends took her to this wonderful spot.

 Anastasia is a creative and wonderful cook so she will do lots of different things with the berries.

  Bryan and I brought home 15 cups of blueberries.   

That same day, we had BLUEBERRY CRISP with Vanilla Ice Cream.

The next morning -- BLUEBERRY PANCAKES.


Best of all:  BLUEBERRY PIE #1

                                   BLUEBERRY PIE # 2:  spiced with Cinnamon & Nutmeg

We had a wonderful time picking blueberries with you, Anastasia.  Thank you so much!

I’m thinking next year Blueberry Jam.

P.S.  Blueberry Vareniki:  Aug 29, 2012:  Aline wrote:
Today was a real scorcher.  Chay is here ror a few days and he wanted to do baking so I went on Suburban Grandma and got her blueberry perogies recipe.   Boy did Chay ever like them piled high with whipping cream. He helped make them and thought it was fun pinching.  The reason we made them was because I was not starting the oven today.