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Friday, 20 July 2012


There were always ducks on the farm.  Once Mom wrote that her daughter-in-law, Shirley, had 13 ducks.  “They are white.  As the pond dried up they will not have no place to swim.”

From the bus window as we passed through Ukrainian villages, we saw white geese, white ducks, brown & white & black goats, white & brown turkeys with chicks, and red hens (cluckers) with yellow chicks and ducklings.

In Grandpa & Grandma’s village, we saw lines of white geese and ducks leaving different houses and going to this village common.  In the evening, they all trooped back to their respective homes.  I still think that is so cute.

                 In Grandpa's day, a river flowed through here, but it now follows a different course.