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Sunday, 17 January 2016


Jan 17th 1981: 17 cent stamp
It’s a long time since I wrote to you and today was looking for the writing pad that forgot to write.  We are going to church on Monday it will be over the holidays.  It started when you came and the priest is coming on Jan 26th.  I am glad is over

Stasia was down but she stayed more at Donald & Karens only came late to stay over night she said that Lisa
went to see Nestor.

We had every body for Christmas supper I wanted earlier but children were in school so they came for 5 oclock but they didn’t stay to long as it was a school day so had to go to bed.  On Dec 25th Diana didn’t come she was sick so

                             George was down with his family we had a nice time.

 on Dec 31 we were at Donald for Supper Karen baked a big fish so Dad liked it that he had me do one yesterday only smaller we ate all for one meal. 

 Jan 1st we went to Georges for Dinner Aline had a roast chicken she put out a good meal
Today I cooked for Jelly a fish for tomorrow made cabbage rolls yesterday tomorrow I will make pyrohy we will be eating for a week.
I even baked a cake today

Dad put out snaires for raccons
and he caught a porky pine so the dog likes it. The dog is much bigger but looks like hes not going be very big he still sleeps in green house.  I still am crocheting the rugs as I bought to much yarn but I need some so I will have them.  We today will have one of those hungrian partridges Dad killed
when you were down. 
Oh yes I forgot to give you the Christmas cake I will bring it when I go.  I am looking forward for that. 

 I will go to Dianas some time in Feb. when Diana will think she needs me .  I should be making oven mittens but to lazy allways putting it off.  I haven’t started knitting  planning on taking that to Diana’s and your place so would have something to do when not doing anything better on 29th going for check up at Doctors I now go every 6 weeks instead of every month.  Closing with the best of everything in the New Year.  Love Mother


I have tried methods suggested by other cookbooks and they don’t work!   So here's my mom's method.  It's the best!

To prepare a fresh CABBAGE HEAD for HOLUBTSI

1.     Take out the core of the cabbage.
2.    In a big pot bring about 2 inches of water to a boil.  At the same time fill a kettle and bring a lot of water to the boil.
3.   Add ¾ tsp salt to the big pot of boiling water.
4.   Add ½ cup vinegar.
5.   Put the cabbage head upside down in the big pot. 
6.   Pour boiling water from the kettle into cored end of cabbage until the pot is about one-half to two-thirds full.  Cover the pot.
7.   Lower the heat.  Cook one half hour.
8.   Turn cabbage over and cook another half hour.
You can use the cabbage now or you can cool it completely and freeze the cabbage.  The freezing will help to make the leaves more pliable.
Then thaw the cabbage and stuff with desired filling.

Remember, if you use fresh cabbage like this, add ½ cup vinegar or sauerkraut juice to the cabbage rolls when cooking them.   Also line the bottom of your glass casserole with sauerkraut and sprinkle some  sauerkraut on top of the cabbage rolls.  The result will be very similar to soured cabbage heads . . . and much cheaper!