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Sunday, 3 January 2016

JACKSONVILLE, Florida . . . and my new CABBAGE SALAD

                                                Oceanfront hotel 

                                              with ground floor patio 

                               and our own access to an endless beach . . .  

                                                  to run along

                                         soft white sand to dig, 

                                    seashells and jellyfish to find
                                ocean warm enough to splash about in . . . 

                                             all fantastic. . . 

but that’s not all there is to Jacksonville.  From 

kid-friendly restaurants

to The River Walk  (Kepler fascinated by train here),

to an excellent Zoo where the animal enclosures are large and 

                                    there’s a train ride. 

 Lions and tigers and bears:  

                                     well, maybe not tigers, but cheetahs, 

                                           and jaguars  

Kepler enjoyed the penguins, rhinoceroses, 

                                               and elephants. 

                               He loved the snakes and . . . 

 the Children's Playground. 

Jacksonville’s MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) was great, too, especially since it surprised us by being a wonderful treat for little Kepler with its displays of train tracks and hundreds of animatronic penguins.

                    And there was lots more  . . . but we had a boat to catch.

January, 1795:  Mary Robinson wrote:

                          Pavement slippery, people sneezing . . .


Over 200 years ago but I’m relating to that!

So it’s time to break out the cabbage recipes. 

(Google “Health Benefits of Cabbage” and you’ll learn that cabbage is a fantastic source of Vitamin C and, therefore, very helpful in defending against coughs and colds!)

        APPLE and CABBAGE SALAD  (courtesy me)

2 cups finely grated cabbage
2 tsp fresh lemon juice
1 apple
3 tbsp plain 6 % M.G yogurt (or sour cream)
¼ tsp anise seeds
1 tsp liquid or melted honey
½ tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper
Romaine lettuce
2 tbsp vinaigrette dressing

·        Prepare lettuce by washing, draining, and cutting or tearing into bite sized pieces.  Store in fridge in plastic bag so it gets nice and crisp before dinner.
·        Put grated cabbage into a glass bowl with a cover.
·        Dice apple and toss with lemon juice so it won’t discolor.
·        Add apple to cabbage. 
·        Cover and refrigerate until just before serving.
·         Stir together yogurt, anise, honey, salt, and pepper.  Set aside in fridge until serving time.
·        Put all ingredients together in salad bowl.  Toss with Vinaigrette dressing.
·        Taste for seasoning.   Also add additional vinaigrette if desired.