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Wednesday, 3 June 2015


 While Bryan’s driving, I like to read aloud AAA information about the towns and cities coming up. 

I was really surprised to find, in the “Where to Eat” section for Post Falls, a mention of an Old European Restaurant offering “Swedish cream-filled crepes, Danish aebleskivers (a ball-like pancake), Belgian waffles, German potato pancakes, Hungarian breakfast goulash, and Irish shepherd’s pie”. 
We immediately decided to wait even an hour longer for lunch so that we could check it out.

Then, imagine our disappointment when we entered and were told by the owner’s daughter that they were now closed for lunch!
I mentioned how excited I had been to see the sign outside announcing their Russian Black Bread.  The daughter replied, “Yes, my mom and I have been working hard to come up with a recipe and we’ve finally perfected it.”  
A young guy at the back spoke up and said he was pretty sure the kitchen staff would be okay with our staying.

Our waitress pointed out that a slice of Russian Black Bread would come with a bowl of meaty, tingly borscht.   It was perfect for me.

Bryan chose the same bread for a huge sandwich.

Already that was going to be enough food, but I couldn’t resist trying a Danish aebleskiver.   The waitress explained that the traditional ones are stuffed with blueberries, but her favourites were stuffed with meat and cheese so we went with that and they were excellent.

What a surprise when the kitchen also sent out a complimentary dish of the traditional ones!  Also delicious J.  Our waitress told us their origin is supposed to be from Viking Days when the fellas would fry up these morsels in their shields, for want of a more traditional skillet.

And the next thing we knew, this complimentary cinnamon bun arrived.  (By this time, I had mentioned my blog to the waitress and she felt we simply had to try one of these as well.) It was too much – I had to save it for later. . .

Wow!  It was just like the ones Mom used to make except for the addition of the delicious cream cheese icing.

Before continuing our journey, we checked out the town’s Falls Park.