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Tuesday, 2 June 2015


It’s been an unusually wet and cool spring all down the middle of the U.S.  Laredo has had a lot of rain and the grass seems to zoom to 6 inches high every other day. 

Kepler loves to be outside, but the huge welts on his legs from mosquito bites are worrisome.

Just before we started home, flash flooding damaged San Antonio and Houston.   Tornadoes  ripped through other areas.

The grey skies in Austin meant we had the pool mostly to ourselves. 

I’m still hobbling around in a huge boot but Kepler kept Bryan and Nicole hopping because he’s quick as the lightning. 

                                                Just resting up!

In Denton, there was music on the square, but the skies threatened and we got into our hotel just before the rain began and then continued all night.  


In our Austin hotel room, Kepler and I settled down on the bed with a Margherita Pizza to watch “Despicable Me”.

“Which piece of pizza would you like?” I asked.

Kepler scrutinized the plate for a moment, then responded, “Probably this one.”   

Someday, Kepler, I hope you'll select a piece from the pizza your mom still remembers as being really special: