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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Moms work, worry, and wear down . . . so EGGS MATELOTE on Boxing Day

Dec 31st 1982
I missed the baby so when you left, not right away as I was tired so I slept all day after you left.  We sure like you home even if we don’t show it, we don’t know how.  And next time I will get ready ahead so not tire out last minute.  Someone said I looked like I am in another world. 

With my stupidity I always bark at the wrong person as I did Christmas Day about the picture, please forgive me if you can, I am very sorry, I been thinking of nothing else.

I haven’t done anything since you left.  I didn’t wash as you washed all the tea towels so there is not much wash.

We are going to town this afternoon as I don’t have no rice to make holoptsy and tomorrow we are going to Bewzas as Dad wants to see his sister. 
We usually used to go Christmas Day but now we make our own so we can’t go. 
Wed we went to see George, he sure got a big cut all around his side. 

Clayton was playing hockey 

and Naomi was helping with the lunch.  

Aline baked up everything under the sun.  I gave that book with our picture in it to George.

We won’t have no one for our Christmas unless someone comes with us not knowing.
Diana bought a cleaver for us and Dad and me said she should not had and again Diana will say we don’t like her to do anything for us but we do have one only she bought a better one, I like it but we could have done without it.  I do like to get things but we don’t want you children to rob yourselves of things.  I am going to keep quiet from now on I hope if I don’t get foolish.  Enough of this silly rattling. 

After this Christmas I am going to start embroidering on the quilt if it kills me, Dad been after me saying I will never do it, the pattern is complicated but I will try one thing, it looks nice and easy but how difficult it is.

I still not sure whether I will go to see Nestor in Feb.  The more I think about the more scared I am going alone.
Next time I will write a better letter I hope.  May God bless you all. 


Ukrainian Christmas Eve and then Christmas Breakfast and Dinner . . .  that’s a lot of work!  So Boxing Day should be COOK’s DAY OFF. . . breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Why not take a favorite recipe with you when you’re visiting and give your mom (or dad) a break?

Here’s a great alternative to Eggs Benny:

Oeufs en Matelote :  Poached Eggs in Wine Sauce  to serve 4

            Based on  EGGS & CHEESE:  The Good Cook Techniques & Recipesby The Editors of Time-Life Books

12 mushrooms
 12 green onion bulbs, including part of the stalk -- the recipe suggests ¼ pound
             pearl onions instead.  [Actually, I also used some chopped regular onions.)
¼ tsp cumin seeds (yummy but optional:  this is not in the original recipe)
¼ cup butter
1 tbsp flour

½ cup soup stock (Use a bouillon cube and water if you need to.)
½ cup white wine  
2 egg yolks

4 slices of toast
4 poached eggs

1.      Saut√© the mushrooms, cumin seeds,  and onions in the butter for 5 minutes.
2.     Stir in flour.
3.     Stir in stock and wine.
4.     Cook, uncovered, over low heat for 20 minutes.   Sauce will thicken.

5.     Cool slightly. 
6.     Beat 2 egg yolks and stir some hot sauce into them.
7.     Then add all the egg yolks into the hot sauce.
8.     Set aside while you poach the eggs.  (You can reheat it gently if you make this way ahead.)
9.     Toast bread and poach eggs.
10.                          One poached egg on each slice of toast.  Cover with sauce.  YUM!

·        There is only enough sauce for 4 servings so double it if you have a larger group.