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Thursday, 20 November 2014

A letter from Mary Stadnyk to Diana . . . and a Dessert for CHRISTMAS

To Diana:  

                                                          Nov. 23, 1996:  From Saskatoon:  45 cent stamp

Thanks for all the letters which I have not answered as I was busy getting things ready to send away for Christmas.  But I thought going out in cold that I need my navy feather filled big jacket but don’t worry if you can’t send.  I got this idea you said that you have 6 bags of clothing & stuff if I am right if you could tape sort of  + cross way and tie good if you don’t mind just call the grey hound they pick up but don’t have to be delivered here but if you do so they do.  I will send you a 50.00 cheque and you cash & pay them or if they do collect I pay at this end. I would appreciate it very much but the fur coat you could bring when you come for Christmas or send later.

It snowed quite a bit here this week but its not so cold today I went out to a big thrifty sale of new furniture at a good price so I bought shelfs only Bryan has to put it up its nice tall one about 5 feet. So I will be able to put all the books & magasines but I left all my magazines at Vancouver wishing now that I didn’t 

I hope I get my cards & Parcels & letters all done next week. 

I bought today ½ foam for cushions that are good for car seats they are warm to sit on I made one rather crochet one back & front only to cut out the fowm and work around so Eleanor would have I could do one for you if you would like it took only two afternoons and not very long ones at that as usely I work till 2 o’clock or rest then it was done then.

Next Sat I would like to go to the Bay to pick up few things but there is no rush for that as sometimes its hard to do that as today is Sat and we were invited to a dinner and we can’t go as one of the girls has her socker around 6 oclock then the other has hers around 8 oclock so dinner is out that’s the way it goes. 

And the 6th of Dec week end Lisa & Josef are coming.  So that week will be a big week getting food done before hand. 

This week I made noodles in that machine Nestor send befor I just made dumplings or like Nestor calls lump soup.  As I was still not strong enough.  I had to wash off the oil which got around the machine.  We all liked them I even made some larger size one for the first time we just had for supper that evening. 

I will close for today hoping will write soon. 

May all good things be on your ways always.  Love Mother


Anyone looking for a delicious but light dessert to round off a Christmas menu?

EGGNOG PIE is perfect!   

From:  GRANDMA ROSE’S BOOK OF SINFULLY DELICIOUS CAKES, COOKIES, PIES . . .  which is available on Amazon.  (A used copy for $6.95; new for $79.99)