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Sunday, 7 September 2014


                                                                      50 years ago!

A couple of weeks ago, we had a great visit with Donald and Karen.

“Do you still make perogies?” demanded Donald.  Last March, he had started putting some of last year’s potatoes away for me in the Vegetable Keeper in a one of his fridges!

He also made Bread and Butter pickles.  Looking sternly at me, he instructed, “There’s one jar for you, one for Diana, and two are for Nestor.”

Donald said he isn’t keeping animals now.  Only 50 chickens.  But he has taken up bee-keeping.  He has two stacks of hives.  One of them has a lazy queen, he said, but the other stack is doing well, and he has taken honey out twice.  Only a couple of bee stings.  He said he read a couple of books about it and a friend told him a bit.

When we got home, the first thing I made was Scalloped Potatoes.  There was a potato sitting in the Vegetable Keeper in my fridge and I used one of Donald’s potatoes.  As I was peeling and cutting them up, I was struck by the difference in their texture.  My potato was crystalline and white.  Donald’s was much more dense and yellow. 

A couple of days later I made traditional Potato and Cottage Cheese Perogies.
 Wow!  What is this? I kept thinking.  Perogies are always good, yes, but, why are these SOOOO GOOD?!?  

 Just then, everyone at the table started, “Wow, these are out of the ballpark.” 

Was it the butter? we wondered.  I wasn’t using my usual brand.  Well, yes, the butter was very good, we agreed.  But then, it hit me. 

“It’s the potatoes!” I said.  “I used Donald’s potatoes and they’re so different.  They're much drier . . . and, I guess, tastier!”

 In fact, I had had trouble making the perogies because the filling was so much drier than usual . . . because of the potatoes.

And Donald’s tomatoes have all turned red so, last night, Bryan made “Five Cheese Pizza” from THE CALIFORNIA KITCHEN COOKBOOK.  Wowsers! J J J

We haven’t tried the honey yet.  Or the onions.

Thanks, Donald and Karen!