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Saturday, 12 July 2014


July 4, 1964

The ceremony was in the United Church in Russell and afterwards there was a tea.  Even Karen can’t remember whether it was in the church basement or upstairs at the Legion Hall.

When asked whether he knew: “I wasn’t there,” quipped Donald.

Sadly, my only memories of that day centre on how Diana and I hated the bridesmaids’ dresses I made for us.  After studying the Eaton’s and Simpson’s catalogs, we chose peach chiffon and this awful pattern that didn’t fit right at the neck.  And I had no time for alterations – in fact, I was hemming Diana’s dress just hours before the wedding . . . and caught some of the chiffon in one of the hem stitches – that’s why the fabric is puckered.  (Interesting word.)


The Surrey Stadnyks were going to be visiting Donald and Karen at the beginning of July, but then Donald had to have an operation on the ankle that was caught years ago in the power take-off on his tractor.

 “I don’t know how you’ve walked on it all these years,” remarked the surgeon.


It would have been a bad time to travel anyway, what with all the flooding on the Prairies from rain and run-off.  Helen said it’s been really strange this year seeing flooding where there are no rivers or lakes. 

A state of emergency was declared in Hamiota where Nan and Madison live. 

David had all his crops seeded and has lost 50 acres.