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Wednesday, 2 July 2014




                                are out cruising.

Lisa has just shared this picture of a Squat Lobster  and asked if anyone would be interested in Lobster Bisque.


Funny thing is, Marilyn, about the same time, sent me this email:

 I was thinking of Anastasia this morning as I read a food blog. Just one cookbook!  This American is in Japan and her kids are fishing for crawfish as apparently they are kept as pets there. As kids we used to play with these things as we chases them in  the Wilson River.  They always moved backwards and hid under rocks. I remember Anastasia coming to visit us on the farm. It must have been when Baba & Guido were still living.   To our horror, she collected a pail full and cooked them. I don't think anyone ate them. Maybe my Dad did as he was most adventurous.  Now I wish I had tried them. I remember her talking about them being eaten in Sweden for some festival. Now I wish I had tried. Another cousin picked the clams. Now that is another story.


Dad once collected a pail of crayfish, too, and boiled them.  They turned bright red but nobody knew how to eat them.  We just looked at them. 
I’ve eaten some now, though, in the southern States.  I’d like to say they were great, but, honestly, they didn’t make a big impression on me.

Lisa’s Lobster Bisque, however – now, THAT would be something!