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Thursday, 20 February 2014


Excellent coffee and Almond Croissant at the Intelligentsia Café

Anish Kapoor’s famous BEAN

THE ART INSTITUE of CHICAGO:  “one of the premier” art museums in the U.S.

Lunch at the Art Institute:  I had the pasta with Nebrodini mushrooms :  most amazing chunky mushrooms!   And outside, it was snowing.

We had to try the famous Chicago Deep Dish Pizza so, for dinner, we went to Giardano’s – it did not disappoint. J  
The crust was so buttery, I downed 2 enormous pieces! 

In the evening, Bryan and Nicole took the subway to the “state of the art” United Center which, apparently, disturbed a police officer who yelled at them to “Go back to the suburbs.”

 Nevertheless, the intrepid Canadians enjoyed seeing the Chicago Bulls win against the Brooklyn Nets

 and returned downtown, once again, via the subway. 

Meanwhile, Kepler and I enjoyed reading a book sent to him by his great-aunt Diana.   
                  Kepler's enjoyment of books is so delightful!