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Tuesday, 18 February 2014



-      CHICAGO CHILDREN’S MUSEUM gave Kepler lots of things to explore:

                                      including a beard.

-      Botanical Garden:

o     in front of the Jumping Water Fountain

Dinner at GIRL & the GOAT Restaurant

Bryan and Nicole rounded off the evening at a SECOND CITY REVUE performance while Kepler and I played with his

Little People Sports Car Carrier and vehicles (Fisher-Price)
(Kepler got really involved with trying to stuff the little cars into the truck box and then reaching into to pull them out. 
I didn’t remove the strap that holds the top of the truck box together – at this point, I think it might get broken if taken off.  Kepler was busy enough handling just the ramp piece.)

We also read all through:

an ABC book once
(Two thumbs up for Ian Penney’s book)

a Mother Goose book twice!
(Iona Opie included lots of singable verses:
sooo helpful when reading to a baby!