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Monday, 16 September 2013

Skagit Valley Hike and a Picnic Lunch

 You have to spend 45 minutes dodging potholes but the Silver/Skagit Road is beautiful and so is the campground 

with many sites where you can be right by the fast flowing river.

Day 1:  we shared our picnic table with this local:

On Day 2, we hiked only a few kilometers of the "easy" 14.5 km Skagit River Trail,

and it was all gorgeous.

I didn’t find this uphill part easy though

especially inching over a rock slide

but the view was worth it

and the next part was like a Hobbit trail

down to the river

which was the perfect spot for a picnic:   

from Family Circle Soups and Sandwiches Cookbook © 1978

2 tbsp honey
8 ounces cream cheese (250 g package)
2 ounces chopped dates
½  cup chopped walnuts
Raisin Bread (sliced)
Red apples  (½ apple per camper, cut into thin wedges)

* Beat honey into softened cream cheese.
* Mix in dates and walnuts.
* Spread on raisin bread (depends on number of campers, but thickly is good)
* Serve with wedges of apples.

These sandwiches go well with apple juice.
You can freeze them, too, and they don't get mushy!