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Monday, 9 September 2013

Keeping up with DIANA

2011:  Shingle Spit, Hornby Island
Thatch Pub, Hornby

Cruising the Mediterranean: 2011
  Diana loved all the formal dinners on board.
2011: and the parties!

In 2013, Diana continues to enjoy all kinds of activities:

   Visiting relatives:  here at Daniela & Serge's

July,  an outdoor screening of the movie, Skyfall

August,   Abbotsford Air Show

August 19:  A good movie:  Agnes Browne. It’s set in Dublin in 1967 and stars Anjelica Huston.


Dinner at  Diana's:  September

“warm as sun beams”
                            Elizabeth Cary (1585-1639)

Appetizer:  Chicken livers

Sausages and baked beans

with salad and Diana’s “Kneadless Bread”.

Afterwards we had coffee and

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Whipped Butter Icing

  while we watched the Canadian Country Music Awards and then Silk on PBS                                                                  Masterpiece Mysteries.

Thanks for a lovely evening, Diana.