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Sunday, 8 September 2013


Sept 8th, 1982  

Diana brought crabapples someone gave her.  I canned 15 quarts yesterday.

Today I am washing.  I am trying to do up everything.  If I am well tomorrow I will iron as Diana wants me to come with Aline’s mother Sept 19th.  I will stay a week. 
 And I will go to town one of these days as Diana & me are getting dishes for Nestor so I will order them at Sears and have it sent fright to him.  It’s not much dishes for the amount of money but I won’t have to pay tax on them .

The men have all the wheat combined and did all the mustard on Matt’s and almost finished on Lorne’s.  They will finish on Lorne’s mustard today.  It been wet in between combining but not too much.  It’s nice today but the wet weather coming in. 

Dad bought at a sale a suitcase with a whole lot of hats. Diana took some for Halloween and there is some for you if you will want them.

We steamed them to shape which Diana took. 

 And Tracey took one and Diana gave one to Douglas and Dad kept one.

Dad went fishing today so I won’t have to cook dinner unless George & Lorne come so I will cook a quick dinner. 

I want to get rid of some of my plants so will put a ad in paper after I come back from Diana’s as there is no time between now and then.

The schools started today so Matt’s boys all went to school.

I was thinking on sending the sheets and the dress for the baby that Diana brought home but they are size 3 and 3X so maybe they be all right to wait till you come Thanksgiving Day.  If not I will send them.

Nestor is disappointed that we are not coming so he may come Thanksgiving Day. 
I will close for now as it’s close to dinner will try and cook something in case they come. 

May your days be merry and gay.  Love to all and a big hug. 


1982:  Nestor joined us for Dim Sum.


My latest venture in Ukrainian cooking was Ukrainska Basturma from Corona’s The New Ukrainian Cookbook. 

I marinated pork chops in Blackberry Wine Vinegar for 6 hours and then Bryan grilled them.  They were okay, but not worth doing again.

Nestor really knows barbecuing and he said the first mistake was marinating the meat for 6 hours.  He said it’s fine to marinate like that if you’re going to roast the meat, but, if you’re going to grill it, you should not marinate for more than an hour.