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Monday, 26 November 2012

Sautéed onions for Perogies

The first time I ever saw sautéed onions dolloped onto the sour cream for perogies was in a buffet lineup at a Vesna Festival in Saskatoon.  Honestly, I was surprised, but I thought, “That looks good!”  And it was.      

It’s not that Mom didn’t have lots of onions.  Her garden always had long rows of them.  On April 6/77, for example, Mom wrote:

We had a good rain but need lot more like it to have any crops.  We have planted onions.  You can get some Dutch sets and you will have onions for salads and so on.  When you be down I will give you some chives and they are good to have.

                             But fried onions on pyrohi?  Never had them at Mom's.


I still am not in the habit of serving fried onions with pyrohi but I found a recipe that intrigued me.  Paula Peck in her Art of Good Cooking wrote about a Polish lady, Mrs. Rudski, who used a method that “results in onions with a strangely sweet flavor.”

2 ½ pounds large Sweet Yellow onions

1.     Chop onions fine.
2.    In a covered skillet, cook onions, without any fat, for 7 minutes over medium heat.

You will see beads of moisture on the lid.  I wiped these away after 5 minutes, and again after 7 minutes.

3.     Add ¼ cup butter to onions and stir while sautéing uncovered until they are golden brown. 

According to Paula Peck, Mrs. Rudski spooned some golden onions over each perogy!