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Sunday, 11 June 2017

ST. PETER PORT, Guernsey . . . and Mocktail #3

-         Considered one of prettiest ports in Europe, Guernsey's capital has been a busy port since Roman times.

-         The first thing we did was visit St. Ann’s Church – very pretty and -- there’s a plaque mentioning Sir Isaac Brock because he was born in Guernsey.

-         The streets around are a narrow jumble but we headed upwards and made our way to Candie Gardens.

-         It was a hot day so we found an outside table for a beer.

-         Next up was Hauteville House (back view) where Victor Hugo lived between 1856 and 1870, but a lot of French tourists got there before us and tours of the house were completely booked. 

We were delighted to be allowed, however, to tour the beautiful large garden behind the house (for free!). 

 On the way down, I liked this gnarly fellow:  

and we came upon the OLD VICTORIAN SHOP (and museum)  in Cornet Street where we bought candies (barley sugar and humbug).

-         The last tender to the ship was supposed to leave at 2 pm so we had to hurry but we couldn’t leave without walking along the long pier to Castle Cornet. 

-         You get onto the pier to Castle Cornet by climbing steps just like in Lyme Regis   (and Jane Austen’s PERSUASION)  


I checked my BRITISH COOKERY book for a Guernsey Island recipe and found only one.  It was cooking ORMERS.  An ormer is “shellfish common around the coast of Channel Isles; shaped like human ear” and is available only “at special ‘ormering tides’ in winter”!

So here’s another mocktail recipe for you, instead.


2 ounces pureed strawberries
½ ounce fresh lime juice
3 ounces pineapple juice

Combine and shake.  Strain into ice-filled highball glass.  Top up with club soda.